Interior Designers Guide to Arranging Furniture

It can be a daunting task to furnish an empty room with the right kind of furniture. You need to keep in mind both the aesthetics and functional aspects so that your space looks striking as well as provides the right kind of comfort you desire.
For maximum utilization of space, there are certain essential points you should keep in mind. If undecided, it’s best to consult interior decoration Sydney.

Measure your Space

This should be your starting point on the size and type of furniture you need. There is no point in buying a huge sofa just because you love it if you do not have enough space to move about comfortably. Measure your each room and visit several stores before deciding on what to buy and how to arrange it best. Interior designers will find you the best deals and nicest furniture.

Define a Focal Point

Next, you need to define a focal point around which you would arrange the furniture. Your focal point could be a window overlooking your garden, your television set, an artwork or a fireplace. Once you have decided on a focal point, it becomes easier to decide as to how and where to place the furniture.

Ensure Free Space

If your rooms are large, it is best to arrange the furniture at the centre so that people can move around in all directions without bumping into chairs or tables. Larger rooms can also be divided into conversation areas to create a special nook for idle chitchat or relaxation. You can arrange your sofas and coffee tables on one side for formal visitors and arrange smaller chairs around a small table at one corner for gossip with friends over a drink.


However, if the room is small, arrange your furniture on one side of the room so that the other side has enough floor space to move around. An interior decoration Sydney firm can help you decide on just the right type of furniture that will best compliment your space and style.

Put Tables within Easy Reach

Whatever be the size of your coffee table or side table, it should always be within easy reach so that you don’t have to get up every time you need a sip. Select the size of the table with care.

Coffee tables should be of same height or just a little lower than your sofa while side tables should be of the same height as the arms of your chair. Never arrange your seating area around a table that is higher than your sofa or chairs.

Dining tables are exception as you would not like to bend down throughout your meal.

Consider the Lighting

While arranging your furniture, do keep in mind how it will affect the flow of light in your rooms. Consult an interior decoration Sydney firm for the best way to arrange your furniture for maximum lighting effect,

During daytime, there should be enough natural light flowing in so that your rooms look spacious and you get plenty of fresh air.

For evenings, select your lamps and shades with care so that they provide enough lighting at the right places while complimenting your furniture.